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SSEMF presents outstanding
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The Salish Sea Early Music Festival is proud to be an affiliate organization of Early Music America, which develops, strengthens, and celebrates early music and historically informed performance in North America.

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2023 Salish Sea Early Music Festival on Whidbey Island
~ Period Instrument chamber music from six centuries on Whidbey Island and around the Salish Sea ~
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  THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 2023 at 7:30 PM on WHIDBEY ISLAND 
renaissance fluteAnna MarshCANZONAS
Trios, Duos and Solos
Anna Marsh ~ dulcian (renaissance bassoon)
John Lenti ~ theorbo & lute
Jeffrey Cohan ~ renaissance flute
A most unusual and extensive exploration of the fabric of early 17th-century life in Italy (mostly) through the perspective of the dulcian, the theorbo and renaissance lute, and the renaissance flute ... and their players. 
      The program includes a solo lute Fantasia by Giovanni Battista Dalla Gostena (1540-1593), a Canzona (1636) by Giovanni Battista Buonamente (c1595–1642), a Sonata as well as Cantantibus organis by Giovanni Paolo Cima (c1570–1630) from his Concerti Ecclesiastici (Milan 1610), five wonderful canzonas by Tarquinio Merula (1594/5-1665) from his Opus 12 (1637) and Opus 17 (1651), a Fantasia for dulcian solo as well as divisions on Vestiva e colli for flute and dulcian, both published in 1638 by Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde (~1595-1638), diminutions by Girolamo Dalla Casa on Petit Jacquet after the chanson by jean Courtois for flute and lute, a  Sonata Concertante by Dario Castello (1602-1631) from 1631, and two duos for flute and dulcian: Beaux yeux by Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562-1621) and a setting of Le rossignol plaisant & gratieux by Didier le blanc.

Fantasia 11 by Giovanni Bassano (1585)
January 11, 2021

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  MAY 7, 2023 on WHIDBEY ISLAND 
Bellini - nunc dimitus
Giovanni Bellini's Nunc dimittis, or the Song of Simeon,
which is also reflected in Johann Sebastian Bach cantata Ich habe genug

Sunday, May 7, 2023 at 7:30 PM
  Maike Albrecht ~ soprano
  Hans-Jurgen Schnoor~ harpsichord
Jeffrey Cohan ~ baroque flute

Soprano Maike Albrecht and harpsichordist Hans-Jürgen Schnoor from Lubeck, Germany join baroque flutist Jeffrey Cohan in Johann Sebastian Bach’s cantata Ich habe genug and other works

The church cantata Ich habe genug ("I am content"), BWV 82 was composed in Leipzig in 1727 for the feast Purification of Mary and is one of the most often performed and recorded of Bach's sacred cantatas. In this cantata, based on the Song of Simeon, Bach projects a feeling of serene contentedness with life and an expression of the experience of body and soul coming to rest and in complete harmony beyond anything that words alone can convey.

Maike Albrecht Hans-Juergen Schnoor

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baroque flute
SSEMF presents outstanding early chamber music
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